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Quality Improvement and Accreditation

Quality is a characteristic existing in a product or service meeting clients’ demand and brings about satisfaction. Higher quality aims at achieving greater levels of client satisfaction and consequently generating more income. To gain better and more
quality, one requires more capital as well as other expenses. So, from this point of view the more the quality, the higher the expenses to be incurred but to increase income. On the other hand, quality is quite associated to income. If we look at it from
another perspective, quality can interpret as the lack of flaw, defect, and error. Defect and error would lead to wastage, repairs, duplication, returns, customer dissatisfaction, complaints, fines and eventually losing customers and all of them are costly.
Thus, higher quality would result in less fault and error and then fewer expenses. Here quality is related to costs and expenses. To promote quality improvement in the hospital, accreditation topic would be discussed. According to this, quality improvement
unit of Shahram (Sajjad) hospital moves towards achieving great goals of accreditation keeping intact the privacy and the rights of recipients of services and patient safety.

The Definition of Hospital Accreditation Hospital accreditation has been defined as “A self-assessment and external peer assessment process used by health care organizations to accurately assess their level of performance about established
standards and to implement ways to improve continuously”. Critically, accreditation is not just about standard-setting: there are analytical, counseling and self-improvement dimensions to the process. Evidence-based medicine, quality assurance and medical
ethics and the reduction of medical error are the key part of the accreditation process. Hospital accreditation is, therefore, one component in the maintenance of patient safety.

Hospital Accreditation Accreditation is the systematic review of healthcare services according to a set of structural and procedural standards that lead to favorable outcomes for patients based on the services’ quality and safety. Hospital
accreditation as a systematic and methodical tool can help managers and leaders in the healthcare field to carry out their duties to ensure patient and staff safety and continuous quality improvement of all services offered at the hospital to build public
trust in the existence and implementation of standard-based processes and terms of healthcare outcomes. Accreditation means the systematic assessment of health care centers with the specific and established standards. Standards emphasizing on the continuous
improvement of quality are patient-oriented and try for the betterment of patient and staff safety; Accreditation is used to describe the quality of healthcare services and as a basis for thinking. Accreditation is based on the following principles: healthcare
policy and understanding what is related to its quality, focusing on the basic principles to integrate healthcare system development and activating it.
Hospital Accreditation in Iran The hospital accreditation standards in Iran are at the disposal of the authorities by updated standards based on the latest resources available in the developed and developing countries by the ecological
conditions, religious, cultural and economic norms and defined in the country legal framework. Its aim is to ensure a safe quality service delivery and strengthen accountability in the healthcare system.

Shahram (Sajjad) Hospital Accreditation

  • According to the evaluation of Ministry of Health, Shahram (Sajjad) hospital is honored to obtain the first position in the ranking of all the hospitals in Iran.
  • It was elected as a premier hospital which promotes natural birth in 2015.
  • It has been recognized as a child-friendly hospital since 2000.
  • It offers diagnostic and therapeutic services at the highest international levels.
  • For the convenience of patients, it has contracts with more than 30 insurance companies.
  • The clients would receive earliest replies within the shortest time.

[addbox title=”Mission” text=”Specialty and subspecialty Shahram (Sajjad) hospital as one of the private hospitals in health care system of our country and affiliated to the Iran University of Medical Sciences is moving towards providing the most optimal
diagnostic, treatment and care services concerning the safety of patients and the rights of service recipients..” image=””][addbox title=” Vision” text=” in order toTo achieve the best ranking
in diagnostic and medical services among the private hospitals in Iran by 2020.” image=””][addbox title=”Values” text=”Observance of patient rights. Optimal utilization of human and financial
resources. Providing safe and secure therapeutic medical care. Continuous promotion of quality to increase customer satisfaction. Compliance with environmental legislation.” image=””][addbox
title=” Strategy” text=” Establishment of accreditation standards and promotion of therapeutic and diagnostic services. Implementation of standards and patient safety plans. Staff safety development. Empowerment of the personnel working in the hospital.
Efficient management of human and financial resources of the hospital.” image=””]