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Medical Imaging

The services are offered at the highest quality in medical imaging department of Sajjad (Shahram) hospital, the best diagnosis are provided for the patients by the competent, caring and experienced doctors and medical staff. All the imaging equipment which are utilized in this department are of the top brands in the world and are quite advanced and updated. Radiology, X-ray, CT scan, mammography, ultrasound, panoramic radiography, colored radiography of the kidneys and the large intestine are among the specialized services which are provided in the imaging section. If CT scan can be performed without intravenous contrast, it can be done 24 hours a day but if it should use intravenous contrast, the whole procedure must be done under the control of a specialty doctor. In order to contact imaging department, you can call in 24 hours a day.
Direct Phone: (+9821) 88973565
Internal No.: 244, 246, 247