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International Patients Department



Shahram Hospital in Fatemi Square, has a specialized department, ICU, surgical subspecialty, specialized clinics, clinical
and administrative units and support.

The possibility of providing special treatment services for international patients was provided in the international patients’ department of Shahram Hospital. This department consider

all individual and cultural preferences, and your verbal and religious communication in an integrated way, so that while you are away from your country, you can have the same feeling as the closest location to your house.

The international patients’ department helps you to make an appointment, see a doctor and set your itinerary and provides you with special personal services.

To request an appointment please check with the international patients’ department. International patient services team will contact you within 24 hours to consider your request.

Shahram Hospital is located in the city of Tehran in Iran. While traveling abroad seems very difficult and worrisome for the treatment of disease, we are ready to manage your travel in such a way to come to Iran and get treated in the easiest way possible and then restore your health and return to your country.
After setting your appointment, the consultant of international patients will guide you through the process of selecting how and when travel to Iran. Also, the medical tourism team of Shahram Hospital has provided recreational facilities and sightseeing in attractive cities of Iran.

  • Accompany from the airport to the residence and from the residence to the hospital in order to visit
  • The presence of an interpreter during appointment
  • Medical care during treatment and after discharge
  • Providing equipment and visiting patients at home (if needed)
  • Providing a private nurse (if needed)
  • Scheduling the visits after hospitalization
  • Financial advisory
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tourism services
  • Providing newspapers, magazines and the Internet
  • Delivering the patients’ medical records
  • Prescribing the needed medicine
  • Scheduling future appointments
    >> International Patient Department Members:

  • Doctors: Dr. Hamid Mahdavi Moein
  • Nurses: Ms. Susan Sefati, Mitra Nushadpur, Zahra Zareh
  • IPD Expert: Mr. Sirus Azarian
  • Responsible for IT: Mr. Hamed Sheikh Faghihi
  • Responsible for discharge: Ms. Maryam Yari
  • International Patient Center Contact Information:

  • Phone: +98(21)5790-2000 >> Internal: 1012
    Fax: +98(21)5790-2011
    Direct Call: +98(936)523-5424



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