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How to Prevent Catching Colds

A runny nose, scratchy throat, and nonstop sneezing — you can’t miss the signs of a cold. Why do you seem to get them so often while your best friend stays well? And more importantly, how can you stay healthy this year? To perevent Catching cold wash your hands, Avoiding touching your nose and eyes, Avoid contact with sick individuals, Sanitize shared spaces, Get Good Sleep, etc. ? Get the lowdown on the all too common cold.

Wash your hands

One of the easiest and most effective measures to prevent colds and the flu is by washing your hands thoroughly and frequently. This reduces the proliferation of bacteria and the cold or flu virus from common spaces or surfaces.
Rinse your hands under running water and dry them on a clean towel. Rub on a hand sanitizer if you can’t locate any soap and water.

Avoiding touching your nose and eyes

This will help stop you getting infected. Cold and flu viruses can enter your body through the eyes and nose. If you have any infected droplets on your hands, and you touch your eyes or nose, you can pass the virus into your system.
By not touching your nose and eyes, you’ll reduce your chances of catching a virus.

Avoid contact with sick individuals

Try and avoid close and/ or prolonged contact with anyone you know has a cold or who exhibits signs of a cold. This may keep any bacteria or virus from invading your system and getting you sick.

Sanitize shared spaces

The cold and flu viruses can spread easily on shared surfaces and spaces, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Disinfecting these areas can help prevent the cold and flu viruses from spreading. Focus cleaning on common spaces such as the toilet, bathroom sink, kitchen counters, and the kitchen sink. Disinfect door handles, too.

Do Aerobic Exercise Regularly

Aerobic exercise is any activity that gets your heart pumping. It helps increase your body’s natural virus-killing cells.

Get Good Sleep

Studies indicate that when sleep patterns are interrupted, the levels of natural killer (NK) cells in a person’s immune system are significantly reduced.

Reduce Stress

The negative effects of stress on the immune system have been long studied and well documented. Take some time to consider what stress-reducing steps might work for your personality and life circumstances. Some excellent choices include exercise, prayer, meditation, music therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and chiropractic.

Eat Foods Containing Phytochemicals

“Phyto” means plants, and the natural chemicals in them give the vitamins in food a supercharged boost. So, put away the vitamin pill and eat dark green, red, and yellow veggies and fruits.

Keep your body hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated can help you feel better and minimize the risk of getting more sick. Have water, juice, broth, or non-caffeinated sodas or teas.
Stay away from caffeinated drinks including coffee and tea because they can dehydrate you and exacerbate symptoms.

Don't Smoke

Heavy smokers get more severe and frequent colds. Even being around smoke hurts the immune system, your body’s defense against germs.
Smoke dries out the passages in your nose. It affects your cilia — the delicate hairs that line your nose and lungs and help sweep away cold and flu viruses.


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