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Introducing Shahram hospital & IPD Department

History of the Hospital
In 1969, a new project began to establish a well-equipped private hospital in the northern corner of the Fatemi Square (previously known as Shahram (Sajjad)). Initially, it was a semi-finished multi-floor building.
The hospital was completed and inaugurated in 7 floors equipped with 120 beds in 1970. It began to work as a free, excellent hospital possessing advanced facilities and equipment such as central oxygen, central suction, central radio, 3-segment adjustable beds, and all suites of general surgery, cardiology, and orthopedics in operation rooms, two delivery room, and recovery room.
The hospital was serving clients as the most equipped hospital in Tehran. Also in 1978; during the 8-year Iran-Iraq war, the hospital admitted and treated thousands of casualties for free. The hospital has been considered as a specialized hospital so far

Speciality and super speciality clinics
Orthopedic, general surgery, spinal cord surgery, pediatrics, orology (kidney and urinary tract surgery), peripheral vascular disease (diabetic foot ulcer), infection, Rheumatology, gynecology, psychology, psychology specialist, neurosurgery, neurology, gastroenterology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatric surgery,pulmonology, Ophthalmology, optometry, kidney and blood pressure, endocrinology, nutrition, plastic surgery, dermatology, hematology and oncology

Hospital Wards
•    ICU
•    General Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4
•    Women- Labor Ward
•    CCU
•    Cath lab
•    Post cath
•    Infants
•    Operating Rooms

Para Clinics
•    Imaging
•    Laboratory
•    Physiotherapy
•    Drugstore
•    Dental clinic

International Patient Department Members:
•    Doctors: Dr. Hamid Mahdavi Moein,Dr Hadi eftekhari
•    Nurses:Mitra Nushadpur,ghane bazyar,Narges lashgari
•    IPD Expert: Mrs.Zahra Naderkhah
•    Responsible for IT: Mr. Hamed Sheikh Faghihi
•    Responsible for discharge: Ms. Maryam Yari


International Patient Center Contact Information:

Phone: +98(21)5790-2000 >> Internal: 1013
Fax: +98(21)5790-2011
Direct Call: +98(936)523-5424
E-mail: IPD.ShahramHospital@gmail.com


Shahram (Sajjad) private hospital :

Embarked on its activities in 1970 in Yousef -Abad District of Tehran. The 120-bed hospital which is capable of becoming 200-bed takes step to the development of healthcare in order to serve all clients and is quite active in all areas of medical care and at the international level as well. Currently, about 250 specialist physicians who are mostly faculty members of Iran universities along with 287 experienced medical and administrative staff are working and serving clients in specialized, clinical and para-clinical areas in the hospital.


Address :

No.1 – chehelsoton St _ Dr.Fatemi Sq – Tehran – IRAN

Telephone :

(+98 21)5790-2000

Fax :

(+98 21)5790-2011

E-mail :


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