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Hospital Admission Guideline

The admission in the hospital could be granted based on three ways: referrals from clinics, emergency, and inpatients with doctors’ orders. Initially, the required doctor for the patient who is collaborating with the hospital as a stakeholder or privileged doctor would be selected. In order to receive your insurance policy letter, you can directly refer to your insurance company or the process can be pursued by the discharge unit.

Take these points into consideration while getting admitted formally in a hospital:
•    Keep the hospitalization order of your doctor with you
•    Keep your identity card with you (birth certificate or national ID card); for gynecology and obstetrics surgery both the patient and her spouse should have their ID cards with them
•    Introduction letter from your insurance company which shares a contract with the hospital
•    Admission can be done via central reception located at the ground floor from 6:30 AM to 19:00 PM and also through emergency reception located at the ground floor from 19:00 PM to 6:30 AM


Admission and Discharge Rules

When a patient is admitted formally in a hospital based on his doctor’s order, all the processes regarding admission and discharge are carried out by a single unit. Along with this, the patient is not required to go through repetitive procedures. The procedures involve registration, determining the section and the bed in which the patient needs to get admitted and hospitalized, and reception and discharge process. To make the patient aware of the fees regarding his hospitalization a discharge specialist gives him the information required. If the patient uses insurance policy, he is required to bring an introduction letter from insurance department to the hospital. According to the contract between the hospital and the insurance company, a specific portion of the patient’s fees will be incurred by the insurance company. If the patient doesn’t use any insurance policy, all the expenses must be paid in cash; tariffs and expenses are determined annually by Medical Council.
Discharge order is issued based on doctor’s order and thereafter patient’s file would be closed by the department secretary and consequently the discharge specialist would calculate the fees and expenses via automation system and computer after a full inquiry from para-clinics (pharmacy, radiology and laboratory), inpatient ward and operation room. Then patient’s invoice is drafted and he would receive a call to go to reception-discharge department to be discharged from the hospital (the least and the most duration of time that one has to wait to be discharged is 5 and 15 minutes, respectively).


Hoteling Facilities of Inpatient Rooms
•    Changing private rooms to double rooms and vice versa during hospitalization in coordination with inpatient admission unit
•    Available choices from the hospital’s food menu according to doctor’s opinion
•    Making telephone contacts with the foreign countries via coordination with telecommunication unit of the hospital (number zero)
•    The possibility of obtaining information from any department through dialing the numbers given in the list of numbers available in the room
•    The possibility to have a nurse or practical nurse in the room via nurse call system
•    Using insurance which has a contract with the hospital


Shahram (Sajjad) private hospital :

Embarked on its activities in 1970 in Yousef -Abad District of Tehran. The 120-bed hospital which is capable of becoming 200-bed takes step to the development of healthcare in order to serve all clients and is quite active in all areas of medical care and at the international level as well. Currently, about 250 specialist physicians who are mostly faculty members of Iran universities along with 287 experienced medical and administrative staff are working and serving clients in specialized, clinical and para-clinical areas in the hospital.


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