Head of the Hospital

Head of the Hospital

Shahram (Sajjad) private hospital :

Embarked on its activities in 1970 in Yousef -Abad District of Tehran. The 120-bed hospital which is capable of becoming 200-bed takes step to the development of healthcare in order to serve all clients and is quite active in all areas of medical care and at the international level as well. Currently, about 250 specialist physicians who are mostly faculty members of Iran universities along with 287 experienced medical and administrative staff are working and serving clients in specialized, clinical and para-clinical areas in the hospital.


Address :

No.1 – chehelsoton St _ Dr.Fatemi Sq – Tehran – IRAN

Telephone :

(+98 21)5790-2000

Fax :

(+98 21)5790-2011

E-mail :


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