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Private Hospital Shahram (Sajjad)

Shahram (Sajjad) private hospital prides itself at having an experienced team of specialists, professional medical staff and standard, updated equipment via which diagnostic and therapeutic process is carried out accurately and correctly for our patients. We look forward to taking a giant step toward social healthcare development through continuous improvement in medical and healthcare areas. In this context, Shahram (Sajjad) hospital according to the evaluation of ministry of health is honored to achieve the first place in the ranking of the hospitals in Iran and is proud to be entitled as a child friendly hospital and premier hospital for natural birth promotion.

Inpatient Wards

Shahram (Sajjad) hospital is all prepared to offer high quality services to its patients via women, men and children impatient wards, intensive care, surgery, obstetrics and emergency providing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for them.


Shahram (Sajjad) hospital’s specialty clinics provide services to the clients all the week days, twenty-four hours a day by experienced physicians and using advanced machines.


Shahram (Sajjad) hospital obviates the need for being referred to out of the hospital for receiving specialized services via its para-clinics including physiotherapy, imaging, laboratory and pharmacy.


Shahram (Sajjad) private hospital has contracts with more than 30 health insurance companies in order to work towards patients' well-being. Having admitted to the hospital, you are required to have your health insurance card with you.

International Patients Department

Patients from other countries would be referred to international patients department in order to receive specialty and sub-specialty medical services in Shahram (Sajjad) international hospital.


For information regarding each of Shahram (Sajjad) hospital wards contact number, please refer to contacts. Our colleagues at all hours of the day are ready to answer your questions.


Sleep Disorders and Epilepsy Clinic

With presence of specialist and sub-specialist doctors, sleep disorders and seizures at different ages are examined and treated.

24-Hour Emergency Dental Clinic

For children, the services are provided by a pediatrician dentist and services to pregnant women are also offered here.


A vast variety of imaging using the most advanced Interventional Radiology Devices are carried out in the imaging center.


In this section, new brain tumors surgical procedures are operated without anesthesia, the most important result of this is protecting the speaking ability from getting impaired.

Last News


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Medical Imaging

The services are offered at the highest quality in medical imaging department of Sajjad (Shahram) hospital, the best diagnosis are provided for the patients by the competent, caring and experienced doctors and medical staff. All the imaging equipment which are utilized in this department are of the top brands in the world and are quite advanced and updated. Radiology, X-ray, CT scan, mammography, ultrasound, panoramic radiography, colored radiography of the kidneys and the large intestine are among the specialized services which are provided in the imaging section. If CT scan can be performed without intravenous contrast, it can be done 24 hours a day but if it should use intravenous contrast, the whole procedure must be done under the control of a specialty doctor. In order to contact imaging department, you can call in 24 hours a day. Direct Phone: (+9821) 88973565 Internal No.: 244, 246, 247

Staff Training ( Click here to access the information )

Nowadays human resources play a prominent role in the development of each organization and training as mechanism is of great significance to promote and improve human resources. In this section you can access to the body of training instructed to the staff.